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Kayla Abdullayeva
Business Analyst

Kayla is passionate about helping clients achieve their goals, and excels in managing multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment. Having experience in various industries including public administration, finance, education and professional services, she applies a systematic approach to solve problems with the ultimate goal of finishing projects successfully. Kayla holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Area Studies and International Relations specializing in Poland. Currently she is diversifying into Business Administration with a major in Supply Chain and Operations Management at Algonquin College. Kayla has developed strong communication skills and is fluent in English, Russian, Polish, Turkish and Azerbaijani.


We are a public affairs and management consulting firm specializing in market-entry, assessing political risk and creating movements to ensure optimal policy outcomes. Explore new markets, mitigate risk, and make community-centric decisions allowing year-over-year growth.